Frequently asked questions.


1 Do you provide HTML5/CSS3 conversion?

Yes, the service includes HTML5 and CSS3 conversion, it depends on design and customer's requirement

2 Can you provide PSD to HTML5/CSS3 markup for mobile?

Yes, we can code your designs into mobile-friendly HTML5/CSS3 markups. While submitting your project, you can mention your targeted browsers or devices.

3 Which browsers are supported?

We supports all popular web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE

4 Why HTML5 video is better to include in website than Flash video?

A number of reasons are there that compel you to go for HTML5 video to enhance quality as it interacts easily with other page elements through the video element. Instead of Flash video, HTML video requires minimum resources and can be styled smoothly via CSS.

5 What are ideal formats that you endorse for conversion?

There is no file format constraint with us. We accept all popular formats like PSD, JPEG, PNG, etc., to structure your conversion project thoroughly.

6 What is your upfront cost for PSD to HTML5 conversion project?

There is only 50% upfront cost that we do accept for all our projects from our clients after the project is finalized.

7 What modes of payment do you offer?

We accept PayPal payment method only.

8 Can you install the site on my server?

Yes, if the website is built by us, we can install it on your server free of cost. Otherwise, there will be specific charges for it.