Joomla Grossary

Access Control List or ACL is according to the Wikipedia definition, “...ACL specifies which users or system processes are granted access to objects, as well as what operations are allowed to be performed on given objects.” In the case of Joomla there are two separate aspects to its Access Control List which site administrators can control:

The default access levels for Joomla are: Public (everyone), Registered (logged-in users), or Special (authors and above). However, you can create an infinite number of custom access levels to suit your site’s needs.

The template used to specify the layout of the administrator back end of a Joomla site. The Back-end Template controls the way your website's administrative tasks are presented for controlling management functions by a Joomla! Administrator. These would include common tasks such as: user, menu, article, category, module, component, plugin and template management.

A user level on a Joomla site that has access to all front-end and back-end capabilities. Administrators is just below super user level.

Aliases are short pieces of text that represent the title of certain items (Menu items, Articles and Categories) in a machine-friendly format. This format allows only lowercase letters and dashes (-).

Alternative Menu Items are used and work the same way as standard menu items. Since they are already based on customised layouts, template overrides do not apply to alternative menu items.

An anchor is created using the <a> tag in HTML. An anchor allows you to place a bookmark inside an HTML page. In Joomla!, you can place an anchor inside an article (for example, using the TinyMCE editor). This lets you create a link that will go directly to that point in the article.

A popular Web server. Apache is free software, distributed by the Apache Software Foundation that promotes various free and open source advanced Web technologies.

Application programming interface. The published methods for using a set of programs. In Joomla, the API refers to the public methods and fields of all the defined classes, especially ones in the Joomla platform. Because third-party programs rely on the API, it should be changed as infrequently as possible and always with advanced notice.

In Joomla! an Article is a piece of content consisting of text (HTML), possibly with links to other resources (for example, images). Articles are the basic units of information in the content system and the bottom level in the content hierarchy.

A user level on a Joomla site that can write and submit articles. Author has access to functions from the front end only.

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