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  • Joomla global configuration all parameters explained: important settings for your Joomla website

    Joomla comes with powerful admin dashboard with important features built-in to help administrator manage website easier. In this article, we will provide hints and tips about use of the settings of Joomla Global Configuration panel.

  • joomla installation common issues

    10 most common issues of Joomla installation and how to fit it

    Building a website with Joomla is simple but with beginner, it would be still something complicated, especially, issue could happen. This post will give you list of common issues that you could face with your Joomla installation process.

  • Why shouldn't you use PHP safe mode for your Joomla website ?

    Enabling safe_mode is not needed if other reasonable security precautions are followed. Using safe_mode for web site security is a poor compromise in a bad situation. It may make sense in some situations, but there is almost always a better way. Because safe_mode in some sense only gives the illusion of safety, it will be removed from PHP starting with version 5.3.0.

  • top 10 joomla hosting services of 2019

    Top 10 Joomla Hosting Services of 2020 (compared)

    When you start a website, one of the most important work is choosing a server to host your website. A good Joomla hosting can improve SEO and performance for your website.

  • best joomla page builder

    The 6 Best Joomla Page Builders of 2020

    With the rapid development of technology, building website becomes much easier. There are lots of page builder and website builder like: Wix, Squarespace. For Joomla fans, they also have plenty good Joomla page builder tools that can help them build Joomla based websites faster, save more development cost and easy to maintain. In this blog post, we will compare features of the 6 best Joomla page builders in 2020

  • joomla custom fields parameters explaination

    Joomla Custom Fields Part 2: Custom Fields parameters explaination

    Custom fields is one of most excited fefature of Joomla, it helps add any field type and show it flexibly in your Joomla website. In our previous blog post: Joomla Custom Fields Part 1, we have introduced an overview about Joomla custom fields

  • joomla custom fields tutorial

    Joomla Custom Fields Part 1: manage custom fields

    Custom Fields were firstly introduced in Joomla in 2017 with the release of Joomla 3.7. Many of us are aware of their existence, but not everybody has already realised how powerful these are or had the opportunity to exploit them.

  • wordpress website development

    eCommerce website development for Aim Lube company in USA

    Design and develop eCommerce website for Aim Lube company to sell PlanetSafe AIM Lubricants online with payment integration.

  • Joomla and Magento detailed comparison

    In this blog post, I will provide details comparison between two open source platforms: Joomla Vs Magento to find out the platform that fits your requirement most. After deeply analyzing the pros and cons of both the popular platforms, (Joomla and Magento), I divided the comparison details into groups to represent the info in a simpler and digestible manner

  • Complete SEO checklist for on-page SEO and off-page SEO

    Complete SEO checklist for on-page SEO and off-page SEO

    SEO is the key to improve organic traffic, drive leads and improve your position in search engine results. Doing SEO is not easy work and take lots of time and it has many steps so its hard to remember all the steps, this SEO checklist can help.

  • convert psd to html using bootstrap

    Advantages of Using Bootstrap While Converting PSD to HTML

    The team of Twitter has released an amazing framework called Bootstrap for creating the extremely effective web applications & websites. Twitter Bootstrap is an in-demand topic & splendid framework for the designers & web developers. This open source front-end framework is a blend of HTML, JavaScript & CSS,